Pastel Power

You might have noticed that we’re a little bit crazy about colour!

'But there’s only three colours on your website’ we hear you shout!

Well, yes, at the moment, but we wanted to keep you on your toes, so we didn’t launch all our colours at once, there’s many more exciting things to come…

So why pastels? Well firstly, they’re incredibly fun, bright, fresh and ‘Springy’ and we felt they would be the perfect launch point for smughouse in Spring 2021 because they will cheer us up after such an awful 2020!

We wanted 2021 and our launch to be a fresh start, and pastels just felt right.

Say hello to our colours…

Neo Mint

Neo Mint Small Side

When we decided to make colourful furniture, Neo Mint was first on our list.  We know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but then, you don’t want the same furniture everyone else has now do you? We love it because it’s such a fresh, welcoming colour. As Kate Watson-Smyth (@Mad_about_the_House) once wrote in her blog:

“As well as being gender neutral as a colour, it’s also a shade that is regarded as a fusion between science and nature which is also reckoned to be an important relationship as we start the new decade.”

We felt that summed it up pretty perfectly.

Just take a look at Instagram. You’ll see it starting to pop up everywhere, and we’re here for it. So, we created The Small Side in Neo Mint. A beautifully elegant, sideboard, the perfect height for a landing and the perfect width for a narrow hallway.


Baby Blue

Baby Blue Big Side

Next on our ‘must-do’ list was Baby Blue. Nothing cheers us up more than a beautiful blue sky on a sunny day, or that dreamy blue sea when we go on holiday – blue is universally recognised as most people's favourite colour.

With its soft, gentle energy, Baby Blue was recently touted as ‘Colour of the Month’ for Italian Bark by Lynessa Hancock, curator of @creativedesignseeds who says it’s “perfect for nurseries and playrooms, ‘as it’s a colour very conducive to rest and getting a good night’s sleep.”

Combined with the super storage of The Big Side, what better way to store your kid’s toys and clothes, and provide a restful, soft space?


Blush Pink

Blush Pink Double

As probably my favourite colour of all time and one that features a lot in my own home, Blush Pink was an essential. This versatile colour can be used all over the home and plays well as a neutral or as a statement colour. Choosing just the right shade was really tricky, we went back and forth on several, but we finally settled on the ‘perfect blush’ with a slight grey undertone.

We don’t need to tell you how popular it is, it’s everywhere. We love its versatility. That’s why we chose Blush Pink for The Double, The Big Side and the Small Side, we felt it worked so well in any space and we wanted you to have that flexibility.

Predicted to be the paint colour of Summer 2021 by Natalie Morris here, we think it’s time you indulged your #blushcrush

Where Next?

We have lots of exciting things coming your way, our mission is to provide you with an array of furniture and accessories in every colour, if you want something in pink 'smughouse' will be where to get it. This is just the start, we hope you'll join us on the journey

Love Smughouse 

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