Spotlight on: LOVE FRANKIE

It was love at first sight when I first discovered the brand behind out Lighting Collection. These lights are not only cool AF, they are beautifully made from gorgeous fabrics to just about any size. So let me introduce Love Frankie...

Love Frankie was launched back in 2009 by Johanna Franks, who styles and makes all shades by hand. The ethically sourced fabrics include Indian silks, luxurious velvets and cottons, paired with rich, bold linings. It's a winning combo and has taken the brand to new heights; they now have a flagship store in Totnes in Devon. 

According to Jo

"Design shouldn’t be intimidating – it should be fun! I want to encourage people to be brave and bold with their interior choices"

We couldn't agree more, so here's some of our favs, and a couple of tips to help you choose your perfect fitting:

My personal fav is the Indian Silk Blush with Copper (or Gold) lining. I love the texture of the silk; the pattern creates slight shadows on the shade giving it a luxe look, while the metal lining refracts the light around the room. 

Top Tip when choosing your light fitting

Cut out the measurement you're thinking of in paper or card, to test out the size, and how it will 'feel' in the room. Think about the size of the shade in relation to the size of the room as well as the colour you're choosing (we can provide swatches if you're unsure).

I'm also, completely in love with Chimiracle Wallpaper Silhouette lining particularly paired with Navy velvet. 


Top Tip for Lighting your home

Lighting is essential for creating ambience in your home, we highly recommend adding dimmers to your lights to help you have more control over your lighting. 


You can see our full collection here, we'll also be introducing new colours and styles soon! 

Love smughouse


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