What a journey it's been! 

Rob and I founded smughouse in 2018 alongside our day jobs and care of our 2-year-old son. During the 2020 pandemic, like so many people, we were both made redundant. We used the opportunity to really bring our dream into fruition.

Back in 2018, we started small, making our own handmade industrial-style furniture from reclaimed wood and steel for our own home. People loved our products and it quickly grew into a business. However, when the pandemic hit and we had time to reflect on our products, we realised that our love of colour, which is paramount in our own home, wasn't being reflected in our designs. 

We went back to the drawing board and created our pastel collection; simple, fun, and functional, with a nod to our love of industrial style but with a big splash of colour.  

Not content with just providing our own range of furniture, we are working with like-minded brands such as Love Frankie (our lighting collection) and our sleek mid-century modern seating from Sternzeit Design. We'll be introducing new brands over the coming months.

The name smughouse came about because we loved the idea that when you buy 'that' piece of furniture, you feel all smug and excited about its arrival, and we wanted to create furniture that gave our customers that smug feeling. 

So let us help you create your #smugspace

Love smughouse



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